• Preview: APNPermissionRequest APNPermissionRequest Customized push notification permission requests
  • Preview: Klügste Nacht-App Klügste Nacht-App The Klügste Nacht-App is the official app for the Long Night of the Sciences in Berlin.
  • Preview: amphiro App amphiro App Apple iOS app for the smart meter amphiro a1
  • Preview: QUe QUe QUe is an open source conference application for smartphones.
  • Preview: MoCCha MoCCha MoCCha is a mobile campus application that is used as a research platform.
  • Preview: Call My Attention Call My Attention Call My Attention is an application for immediate Line-of-Sight Signaling on Mobile Phones. The application proposes a mobile device function to be used like a remote control, for achieving immediate attention.
  • Preview: CapWidgets CapWidgets CapWidgets bring back physical controls to off-the-shelf multi-touch surfaces as found in mobile phones and tablet computers. While the user touches the widget, the surface detects the capacitive marker on the widget's underside. CapWidgets can be used with most mobile devices equipped with capacitive touch screens, e.g. Apples iPad, iPhone or similar devices.
  • Preview: I'm Home I'm Home How will we control our home appliances in ten years? Will every new device still be shipped with an extra remote control? A coffee table looking like a mess seems the inevitable.


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Supervised Theses & Study Projects

  • Understanding user acceptance of mobile push notifications by the example of a German location-based service, Sean Keith, Bachelor's thesis, 2015
  • Design, Development and Evaluation of a back-end for a mobility app using a gamification approach, Jacob Kreyenbühl, Master's thesis, 2015
  • Design, Development and Evaluation of a Frontend for a Mobility App using a Gamification Approach, Michal Stawski, Master's thesis, 2015
  • Design and Implementation of a mobile conference application for the iOS platform, Benjamin Mateev, Master's thesis, 2014
  • Design and implementation of an API for a conference app, Moritz Lawitschka, Master's thesis, 2014
  • Konzeption und Entwicklung einer mobilen Konferenz-App für die Android-Plattform, Jinjin Li, Master's thesis, 2014
  • REST-konformes Re-Design eines bestehenden Webservices, Christopher Zell, Bachelor's thesis, 2013
  • Development of a job board for MoCCha, Study Project Quality and Usability, Winter 2012/13
  • Queering the Interface, Study Project Quality and Usability, Summer 2012
  • Development and Evaluation of a Mobile Application for "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften", Justus Beyer, Diploma thesis, 2012
  • Development of a course catalog-App, Study Project Quality and Usability, Winter 2011/12


Talks & Exhibitions