Initially targeted at Interspeech 2013 in Lyon, this is an open source conference application for smartphones.

The app, developed by the Quality and Usability Lab at TU Berlin, Germany, provides users with an up to date technical programme, access to individual abstracts and papers, a personalized schedule which can be exported to a smartphone calendar, search functionality including sessions, papers and attendees, as well as selected general information about the conference venue and local tourism. The app is available free of charge and supports Android (from version 2.3.4) and iOS (from version 6.0). Full paper access is restricted to conference attendees.


  • Sebastian Möller
  • Tilo Westermann
  • Robert Schleicher
  • Ralf Reichmuth
  • Moritz Lawitschka
  • Jinjin Li
  • Benjamin Mateev

Related Publications

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